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Rosaceae (Rose Family)

With 3,000 species and 100 genera, there is a high degree of variation amoung the constituents. In a way it falsifies the statement that a "rose is a rose is a rose." Yet then again, what doe we call a rose? Is a "rose by any other name still a rose?"

The family contains the roses that we use for valentines and special ocassions. Other roses are the Strawberry (Fragaria sp), and rasberry (Rubus sp) both of which have many wild relatives of the cultivated forms. In fact, strawberries appear to be more typical of the family than the common red rose purchased in floral shops. -

Systematics: This family is made up of several sub-families that have varying degrees of compoundment of the pistils. Most species have superior ovaries but one subfamily even has an inferior ovary. There are typically 5 sepals and 5 petals. There is a nectariferous glandular disk thats usually present. Often there is an epicalyx of 5 bracts. There are many stamen. Often there is an epigynous or perygynous zone.


Sanguisorba sp.


Rubus chamaemorus

Marsh Fivefinger

Potentilla palustris

Mountain Ash

Sorbus sp.


Rubus arctics


Rubus idaeus


Rosa sp.


Rubus spectabilis


Amelanchier sp.

Shrubby Cinquefoil

Potentilla fruticosa


Potentilla answerina


Potentilla egedii


Fragaria sp.



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