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  • The history of Alaska and Western Canada is an extremely interesting subject. Learning about the history is important so that one can understand better how things came to be in this area.

First Humans

The most recent theory of immigration to the new world, is that there were three waves of colonization from Asia accross the Bearing land bridge in Western Alaska. With these mulitiple colonizations and the sucessive cultural diversification of these native tribes, there exists today several groups of unique indigenous cultures. These include the Coastal Indians (Tlingits and Haidas), Athabascan Indians, Aleuts, Inupiat Eskimos and Yup'ik Eskimos

These groups adapted to their environment over time and learned to live in harmony with the environment. The learned how to feed themselves and provide shelter for their families during the harsh Alaskan winters. The lived for hundreds of generations in this fashion, until the 18th century when Europeans arrived and the Russians invaded the continent.