Family Bufonidae

Native species in Hawaii: 0

Introduced species: 1


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Have you ever heard of the Cane Toad? If you haven't, you're probably not from Australia. Hawaii was the source population for this introduction, otherwise known as the Marine Toad (Bufo marinus). After its introduction to the land-down-under, it has reached plague proportions. It's not as bad in Hawaii, yet, you'd be challenged not to find one of these toads on any night in the back of a Hawaiian valley. The toads are unique in that they have toxic secretions that will ooze from glands on their neck if they feel threatened. Dogs can easily die after biting a marine toad. These same secretions, when scrapped from a frog, can be smoked or 'licked' to receive a hallucination. This is not recommended however, as Hazen Audel has tried this, and subsequently come down with a tongue fungus that was not pretty.

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