CLASS Amphibia

Native species in Hawaii: 0

Introduced species: 6


Turtles of Hawaii Lizards of Hawaii Snakes of Hawaii Frogs of Hawaii

Frogs are members of the class Amphibia, of which also includes the salamanders. There are no known salamanders that have established themselves in Hawaii. The frogs and toads make up the order Anura. If you've wondered what the difference is between frogs and toads, you're not alone. In fact, the difference is easier for most laymen than it is for scientists. In general, toads are members of this class that have thickened skins. Most "toads" are put in the family Bufonidae, although there are some species that people would call a "toad" that are grouped with other "frogs". The point is that the difference is fairly small. A "toad" is a subgroup of what is a "frog". There have been no frogs that have naturally colonized Hawaii. It is just too far over a salt-water medium for their sensitive skin to handle. In fact, most oceanic islands have similarly low numubers of amphibian fauna. There have been, however, 6-7 introduced frogs, of which are discussed here.

Poison Arrow Frogs


Coquis Frogs




Other True Frogs


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