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Mangroves of Mexico

Topics from the CREW

Rob buy’s sailboat:

Account of Frogs in Mexico (June 2003)

It was another red-eyed late night of reckless kilometer killing. Five of us mangy biologists were again piled in the van and cruzing another wobbly Mexican highway at night with only the lights of our flickering worn-out headlights. We were in a new fascinating environment, the Dry Savannah Forests along the Pacific Coast. A landscape composed of thorny shrubs and trees surviving through the searing heat and constant aridness of the day. But on this unusual night the annual rains came pouring through the night. Joseph was negotiating the steering wheel through the rain, Rob and Jonas were asleep on top of the piles of dirty cloths and camera equipment, Daniel was sick with the Mexican stomach problems and Hazen was reading a book under the light of his headlamp. All of a sudden Joseph said, "Wow, check that out! Something’s hopping across the road!" -- "Back up!" yelled Hazen. ... More

"Oh a Frog!" And Hazen jumps out as Joseph skids the brakes. Dirty
clothes, camera equipment, and Rob and Jonas fly forward through the cab and Daniel gave a Montezuma stricken mown.

Hazen hopped back into the van with his usual excited boy gleam and soaking from the rains with a fidgeting frog in his hands. Now with all of us gripping the dashboard and peering through the windshield we were on the road once again only to smash on the brakes with the next frog crossing. We soon discovered that the road up ahead of us was alive with hundreds of frogs, and toads and snakes and even turtles all coming out to use up the rare rains. For the next few hours it was a rather comical ride of constantly panicked stopping and all of us running out on the roads chasing after all that entered the lights of our headlights. We were filled with contained and uncontained live frogs, and toads, and snakes and all sorts of creature’s strewn about the inside of the van for identification. One of the turtles that we had caught and was roaming about freely through the van we had identified as a musk turtle. This odiferous beast was quick to musk up the entire van. As hastily as we caught our creatures we hastily returned them to the wild back beside the road. It was there and then that from out of the pitch-black darkness of the road were symphonies upon symphonies of courting frogs. We went to go check it out. The sound was piercing and yet another adventurous discovery upon adventurous discovery had begun. A flooded pond filled with thousands upon thousands of mating and courting frogs. This was truly an amphibian orgy of unbelievable magnitude and an incredible once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomenon to experience.


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