Crew Bios

Rob NelsonRob Nelson : Producer, Founder, Educator, Marine Biologist
The founder of Explore Biodiversity and the lead Director/Producer for most of the films, Rob coordinates the addition of new educational material to the site from the "Teachers for Biodiversity" programs. Rob is currently pursuing funding to build EB and The Wild Classroom into a program that can be used in classrooms around the world. Learn more about Rob


Hazen AudelHazen Audel : Education Producer, Ethnobotanist, Tropical Naturalist
Hazen conceived of the idea for The Wild Classroom, the educational outreach site for Explore Biodiversity. With over 10 years of experience leading field expeditions in Ecuador and teaching high school biology in Washington state, Hazen brings not only his experience but his passion and exciting on camera personality. Learn more about Hazen


Jonas StenstromJonas Stenstrom : Producer, Marine Biologist, Dive Instructor
Based in Sweden, Jonas promotes education and exploration through Explore Biodiversity and The Wild Classroom by working in both classrooms and in the field. He has a Masters degree in Marine Biology and has been a dive instructor throughout the world.  Jonas is our crews' primary still photographer and graphic designer. Learn more about Jonas


Hazen AudelSuzi Serengeti : Tropical Ecologist, Writer, Oncamera Host
Suz studies lianas on Barro Colorado Island, with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. While her day job is to do research, she is passionate about inspiring the next generation of female sceintists, and hosts a number of The Wild Classroom videos. Her primary interest is in ecology and botany.


Hazen AudelAdam Roddy : Tropical Ecologist , Writer, Publisher
Adam currently works as a Tropical Plant Physiologist on Barro Colorado Island, a Smithsonian Tropical Reseach Institute Faciliity. Adam contributes articles and helps edit pages so that each and every page on the site is both scientifically acurate, spelt right and inneresting.



Hazen AudelJoseph Coleman : Hawaiian Naturalist, Evolutionary Biologist
Joseph is one of the key founders of Explore Biodiversity. He has worked extensively with Rob creating a unique video style for the site. Joseph organized the Ride for Conservation, one of Explore Biodiversity's outreach efforts and extreme field expeditions. Joseph currently lives in Hawaii and is pursuing a degree in Biology. Learn more about Joseph


Hazen AudelNick Kalodimos : Hawaiian Naturalist, Ornithologist - Univ. Hawaii
Nick is a specialist in Hawaiian Birds. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Hawaii studying the habits of introduced Parrots to Oahu. Nick works as a videographer for Explore Biodiversity and consults on topics related to Hawaii. Learn more about Nick

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