This paThe essence of Explore Biodiversity and The Wild Classroom is in our strive to educate and inspire! Through our web page we provide a good search database with introductory information about ecology and world biodiversity. In addition, our general and specific lesson plans are designed to be included directly into school education. The lesson plans are not limited to one specific grade and will be goal-oriented so that teachers can use them as tools in their own education. We will provide individual lesson plans of interest for single lesson use, or whole series to be used in sequence throughout the semester. Does your school or your class need additional material, (video, pictures or text), that is not included in our provided material, we can do it for you! We produce additional lesson plans for your specific points of interests! Just let us know what you need for your education. We can also do guest lectures in conjunction with use of our material.

Do you like the idea of online education? Let your class or school work directly with our field explorers as they are out on an expedition to document the world of science and adventure! Please read more about this under the link “Join an Expedition” or contact us directly.