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August 7th: DENALI VIDEO We fly a plane around Denali. Our final destination. The views from the plane are breathtaking. I know now why they wanted to protect this place.

August 5th: KAYAKING VIDEO Sea Kayaking for wildlife in Homer, AK. Not only did we see lots of marine wildlife, but we tried out the many edibles along the way, like seaweed and oysters.

August 3rd: HALIBUT FISHING: All day fishing for Halibut in Seward catching amazing sea creatures.

August 1st: Denali National Park adventure. Here one can find wolves, bear, moose, caribou and dall sheep!

July 29th: NEW PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND / EAGLE VIDEO: We discovered some of the amazing wildlife and glaciers in Prince William Sound.

July 26th: NEW ARCTIC APLINE ADVENUTRE VIDEO: we hiked up Pioneer ridge which begins at 200 feet and rises within 4.5 miles to 5,300 feet elevation. A steep climb carring our camera equipment.

July 24th: NEW KENAI FJORDS OCEAN ADVENTURE VIDEO: We traveled to Seward Alaska and explored the Marine life of the National Park!

JULY 22nd: MAKING OF THE DALL SHEEP VIDEO: Curious what it took to do this last video? Here were show you what we went through.

July 20th: NEW DALL SHEEP VIDEO: we watched two Dall sheep engage in an amazing battle today on the top of a giant cliff. We then went up to get a better look and nearly got run off the mountain.

July 19th: NEW PLANT VIDEO During the course of our trip we have been discovering many plants that we had only previously read about. View our short video clip which gives a short introduction to some of the plants we saw on the trip.

July 14th: We ride northwest to the Alaskan boarder. Watch the news for fire updates. The sky here is very smoky and we will be wearing masks to protect our lungs.

July 13th: NEW: CASSIAR VIDEO We've made it to WHITEHORSE! Its the first internet connection in nearly 1000 miles! We've been updating the site along the way though. Check out the videos and the diary entries of the intimidating Cassiar highway, the Bears, and the Gravel!

July 10th: NEW: BEAR VIDEO We've seen nearly a bear a day so far on our trip. Many times we go to sleep and hear bears around the tent in the middle of the night. Most of the time though we see the bears as we ride.

JULY 3rd: We now only have one town ahead of us before a 300 mile stretch of nothing, the Cassiar Highway. We may not be able to upload much after this. We will have many unexpected trials along the way. (About the last few days)

July 2nd: We ride out today after having rested the entire morning. We could still probably use the rest to cure our injuries, but we are getting impatient. We leave now from Prince Rupert and head inland. Tonight we cycle into Grizzly country. We'll have to be very careful and take lots of food and water as there is nothing out there but road and trees!

JULY 1st NEW INSIDE PASSAGE VIDEO: (Canada's Forth of July): We MADE it. We rode the first 350 miles of the trip in 3 days! It wasn't easy and to show for it Rob has knee problems and Joseph screwed up the central nerve in his right hand (so his index finger, middle finger and thumb are numb! (We have video but are having difficulty uploading. For now look at the Journal entries)

June 30th: Vancouver ISLAND VIDEO: The ride up the coast of Vancouver Island is completed. Over 350 miles of road were completed in just 3 days. The island is the most biodiverse spot in Canada, caused by the isolation.

JUNE 26th: ARRIVE IN SEATLE VIDEO: We've just arrived in Seattle and are ready to start our journey.

Let us know you are joining us: To send us comments on the trip, which we will upload on a certain section, send them to scubarobo7@aol.com.

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