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About the Crew:

Rob Nelson: Zoology Graduate Student at the University of Hawai'i and Independant Nature Filmmaker.

  • At age 18 Rob began planning adventures with his fellow classmates in the small Australian university of James Cook (JCU). In the next few years, Rob and his mates Joseph and Jonas have created an organization dedicated to documenting the world's biodiversity through adventure travel. For the crew of these adventures, their trips are loaded with intense discovery. A minimalistic view on travel and exploration are adopted so as to conserve resources while at the same time enjoying the diversity that surrounds us.
  • As a cyclist, Rob began racing as a Junior Cyclist in Texas in 1997. He has competed in many cycling events and triathlons. As a member of the Quick Release Team in Hawaii, Rob ranks amoung the top ten cyclists in the state and specializes as a power climber.

Joseph Coleman: Oahu Nature Tour Guide; Evolutionary Naturalist.

  • Joseph lives and works in Hawaii enjoying nature. His job as a Nature tour guide keeps him outside and learning about natural history. Joseph has been pursuing a degree in Zoology and will hopefully be accepted to the U.H. Graduate program.
  • Long distance traveling is nothing new for Joseph. After graduating High School he left with a friend on a bike and travled accross the US for 3 months. Joseph has attended outdoor mountaineering schools, traveled extensively in Europe and recently helped produce a month-long documentary on the less traveled areas of Mexico.