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  • The history of Alaska and Western Canada is an extremely interesting subject. Learning about the history is important so that one can understand better how things came to be in this area.

History of the Region

The large state of Alaska, the province of British Columbia and the Yukon are all areas that we will be traveling through. The area has a very interesting history, starting back when the first humans arrived, after crossing the Bearing land bridge. Currently both regions belong to different countries and have their own cultures. We investigate the history that brought this section to be what it is.

Geological History

Formation of the land over millennia

First Humans

Crossing the land bridge, the first humans entered the Americas

Fur Traders

Once Westerners found Alaska many countries sought riches here.

Gold Rush

Gold and Alaska became a big business for those wanting to hit it rich.


1959 Alaska becomes the 49th state, just before Hawai'i.

Present Day

British Columbia and Alaska now are separate countries, both with unique issues.