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What will we do on the way?

Its important to remember that we're not just making a bike trip through Canada and into Alaska, just to do it. For us it is more important to document the biological diversity, and the history along the way. Yet, just documenting biological diversity could be very easy from an automobile. We don't want to do it that way. What kind of an adventure would that be. Besides, we want to set an example of sustainability and minimal resource use as we make our way north. What better way then to make the entire journey through a self-propelled vehicle (our bicycles).

So along the way, we'll do the following:

  • Cycling all 2,000 miles to Anchorage and stay in one piece.
  • Document Biodiversity through still photographs and web-entries
  • Record video clips of the biodiversity along the way.
  • Learn and share about the history and culture of this land.
  • Discuss Conservation issues when they arise.