CLASS Squamata

Native species in Hawaii: 0

Introduced species: 17


Turtles of Hawaii Lizards of Hawaii Snakes of Hawaii Frogs of Hawaii


Both lizards and snakes are grouped in the order Squamata. Yet, most people have no problem differentiating them, and thus, I have split them up into two major groupings here. We'll talk about the Lizards, referring to the Suborder Sauria When you walk into the forest or through Waikiki its the lizards, you are most likely to hear and see. Geckos 'chirp' at night and can be seen running along window screens; Anole lizards perch quietly on foliage plants around populated areas; Skinks scuttle through the forest vegetation as we walk on trails. Yet, no lizard ever made it to Hawaii naturally! Its believed that a few geckos and possibly some skinks came over with polynesian voyagers and colonized the islands, but their habitation of the islands is still very recent. Today over 17 species can be found established on the islands. Some are more difficult to find than others. We've chronicled each species that you may find here, so that you can easily identify your last encounter.

Iguanas and Anoles








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