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    Hawaiian Shrimp-Goby (Psilogobius mainlandi)

This relationship is an obligate relationship, meaning that each species needs the other for survival. This goby is an endemic goby to the Hawaiian islands (at least so far it has not been documented outside the Hawaiian Island Archaepelago.

There are nearly 100 known shrimp gobies in the world. Not many of them have been studied in detail. This species, has been studied by two scientists, Moehring in the 1970's and currently by Nelson (2001-2004). This makes this species a well documented addition to the overal shrimp-goby complex. Thats not to say there isn't more to learn. On the contrary, there is a lot we still don't know about this relationship. I plan on showing what we know about the Hawaiian Shrimp Goby and its snapping shrimp and hopefully point the way for future research on this subject.

The following is a compilation of what Moehring (1972) and I have found on the shrimp goby through our research in Kaneohe bay, HI. Please feel free to use this information as needed, as long as you site this source.

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Daily Rhythm Patterns

* Shrimp Bulldozing

* Searching for Food

* Total Shrimp time out of burrow.

* Goby time out of the burrow


* Density

* Shrimp Partners