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This site was researched and designed by the University of Hawaii's Goby Researcher, Rob Nelson. Rob has studied the symbiotic relationship of these small mutualists for the three years while pursuing his masters degree. In the process of gathering data and information for his project, this site was designed to give others interested in the the Shrimp Goby relationship easy access to current information.

"My name is Rob Nelson. Over the past 3 years, I've spent considerable amounts of time observing shrimp-goby interactions on the small protected areas in Hawaii. I would like to share with you what I've been observing and researching for my masters degree. I would also like to help create a readily accessible source of updated knowledge about what is and is not known about these creatures."

"While there is no substitute for looking the articles up in the original journals, this is my attempt to fill what I feel is a void for online information about this relationship. My aim is to increase our scientific knowledge of these animals. Thus, if you feel any information is incorrect, I would like to know so that I can change it / or update my information."