The heart and soul of Explore Biodiversity lies in the acknowledgment that most people, but especially most kids, don't know much about our natural world. From the teaching experience that forms the core of our crew, we realized there is a dearth of freely available, high quality, short videos about science for use by students and teachers. Our mission, therefore, is to provide those videos. Videos that are good. Videos that are short. Videos that are free on the web.

Quality Videos: How often have you browsed YouTube or GoogleVideo only to find there are no good videos to watch? Ninety-five percent of them weren't even worth the time you took to find them. We wish to create video material after which you would never say, "I wish I had those 2 minutes of my life back."

Short Videos: One thing biology teachers tell us about high production quality videos they purchased from National Geographic or the BBC for inclusion into their classes is that they're just too long. They were never made to be chopped into short pieces that can be integrated into science curricula even though short, modular videos are exactly what kids need. Even with the best documentaries, such as The Blue Planet or Winged Migration, students start to drift off. Attention spans only last so long, and when you want to teach you need a short video break and then back to the topic. That's where we come in. All our videos are short and made to be integrated into science curricula--to complement teaching and not replace it.

Free Videos: We're not exactly sure how many people have the free money to subscribe to great online video sources like Discovery's Cosmos, but we sure don't. We want to start a free resource of online videos, because right now, none exists. We hope that this revolution might inspire big networks like Discovery to open their collections. But until then we are going to pioneer content and make it available to everyone. If you'd like to help our quest, you can volunteer time, or donate footage or money.

Let Explore Biodiversity guide you. Then allow nature to show what is has to offer!

- Live to Explore -

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