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Karplus work off Key Biscayne Karplus work in Red Sea Cummins 1979 Thesis Preston 1978 and Nelson 2004 Polunin and Lubbock 1977 Yanagisawa 1980-84; Harada 1969 Thompson 2003 Alpheid shrimp and gobiid partnerships are widespread across the tropics. Most of the work that has been done on these shrimp-goby relationships has been done in the Red Sea (Luther, 1958; Magnus, 1967; Karplus, 1981; Karplus et al., 1981; Polunin and Lubbock, 1977) and Japan (Harada, 1969; Yanagisawa, 1978, 1982, 1984). There have also been a few smaller studies on an Atlantic association (Karplus, 1992) and only one on the Hawaiian association (Moehring, 1972).