Poison Arrow Frogs . . .
Family Dendrobatidae
Native species in Hawaii: 0

Introduced species: 1

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The only member of this family present in Hawaii is the Green and Black Poison dart Frog (Dendrobates auratus), which was introduced in Manoa Valley in 1932 for mosquito control. Presently, there are very few places you can actually find this frog. If its your desire to see them in the wild, you must go to either Manoa Valley, or Waiahole Valley, bot of which occur on Oahu. When I used to live in the back of Manoa Valley, we had two resident frogs that lived under our washing machine. At one point I caught this frog and put it in an aquarium. I feed it ants and it seemed happy. But, with time, I decided to observe it in its natural environment.

These frogs spend little time in the water, but need instead a moist terrestrial environment. Once eggs hatch, a male dart-frog will take the tadpoles to a water hole. He will then take the young between water holes as food provides itself.

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