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How we help

Explore Biodiversity is actively trying to support conservation efforts around the world. If an area is to be preserved from deforestation for agriculture, pastureland or industrialization, there must be some sort of incentive for the locals. In many places (such as Costa Rica) it has become profitable to attract tourists that want to see the natural state of the land, with its flora and fauna. That's also what we want in Mexico.However, before environmental tourists come to an area, they need to know that its there. That's the first step in any conservation effort whereby locals help protect the land because of this sort of tourism incentive. 

Thus, our job is to show everyone that Mexico is a great place to travel to explore the biodiversity of the region! Its got deserts, lush rainforests, coral reefs, tall mountains, and much more! So please, visit the rest of the website and learn about these unique ecosystems and when our video comes out, purchase one for yourselves.

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