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1976 Chevy Van 10

When we think about the van that took us 7,000 miles from Texas to Veracruz, to Oaxaca, Baja, California and back again, we think of it with the best of memories. I can't help but wish I was back in that van, with no air conditioning, seats not bolted to the ground, and no insulation (making it really loud) - just driving down the road, free and without a care in the world. All we wanted to do was live Mexico. If the van had a problem we'd all get out and let a few fix the problem while the reset of us would be off filming whatever was on the side of the road. In a way, this vehicle guided us to some of the best filming locations. It would say, "how about a stop," and we'd stop. Then the land unveiled its unique flora and fauna to us. It was truely amazing.

All in all the van was a great van. I thank Chevy now for making such a dependable van, that even being more than 25 years old, (older than half the crew), we made it everywhere we wanted to go.

  • Miles - 7,000 miles
  • Changed tires - 5
  • Changed headlight - 1
  • Changed fuel filter - 1
  • Pulled over by police - 4
  • Pulled over by the Federale - 24
  • Hassled by police - 1
  • Max wait during an inspection - 1hr 30min. (we had a lot of stuff)
  • Speed bumps it endured - 2,000+
  • Max speed limit - 65 mph
  • Milage per gallon - 10
  • Overal price of gas for vehicle - most of our budget (see expenses)
  • Paint job - baby poop brown with adult poop racing stripes.
  • Dependability - Ranked against new car (3/10) - against another 70's car (10/10)
  • Mexican blend-in-ability (couldn't be better)
  • Handling during flat tires (A+)
  • Comfort level when sleeping on the roof (A+ as long as you don't roll off!)