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Project Initiative

This project is being conducted with several goals in mind. First and foremost, as scientists we have this goal to 'save the world'. Its a goal most of us have probably had since we were in elementary school and decided to love the natural world. As we got older we decided that saving the world was harder than any of us ever expected. What we've all come to realize is that you can, however, do small things, that make the world a better place. In order to save the remaining biodiversity, we want to let people know its there. If they know its there, they may be more willing to try and save it. The more that know, the more people that may have the passion to want to do something, to protect the habitats. 

The second goal is to produce a documentary to show people that Mexico is safe to travel in. While many people may actually go to Mexico, they often don't leave the touristy towns of Cancun, Mazatlan, Acapulco, etc. There is much more to offer, though. We want to show the diverse ecosystems, but also where they are and how easy it might be to explore them. 

Finally, the trip is planned to give us the opportunity to get some really great shots of plants and animals in Mexico. You can't have a great natural history film without the wildlife photography. This way we can get those shots. 
It was and is a group effort and when finished will be well worth it. Each corporation that helps sponsor the trip will get a lot out of the little bit of funding that is necessary for our production. Its a project that, with some support, we hope can reach a large amount of people.