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Film Purpose

The Purpose of this film is primarily oriented to conserving the biodiversity of Mexico. This can be done through the following film goals. To show how unique Mexico is in regards to its biological richness.

  • To explain why Mexico could have evolved such a high diversity, particularly because of the joining of both continents.
  • To foster an attitude of respect for the wild creatures.
  • To promote travel to remote places in Mexico that can ultimately help locals shift from farming lands to protecting lands for some sort of tourism benefit.
  • To show how exciting science can be using the main characters as examples.
  • To entertain as well as educate by examining the life of an explorer/scientist crew through Mexico.
  • To allow the average American to live vicariously through the youth and adventurous spirit of youthful explorers, while showing the adventurous American that Mexico has more to offer than border towns and westernized resort towns.