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The Biodiversity of Mexico: from the tops of the mountains to the coral reefs

This film is a mix between a traditional natural history film and science adventure. Basically, the film documents the adventure of 5 young explorers through 4 major areas of Mexico - the rainforests of Veracruz, the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean, the deserts of Sonora and Baja, and a difficult ascent up Pico de Orizaba (18,700 ft)

The 5 explorers are composed of experts in different areas of science. Each of the 5 experts tells their story of Mexico as we go through the 4 main regions. This may be through the eyes of the herpetologist (reptiles), the marine biologist, evolutionist, conservationist or botanist, and mountaineer. Each story emphasizes the unique biodiversity that underlies that particular field of study in Mexico.

While the movie presents an image of Mexico as an untouched adventure, waiting to be explored and its plants, animals and landscapes just waiting to be discovered, the underling goal of the project is to show that Mexico has great potential as an ecotourism destination.

I feel that many people have the misconception that Mexico (outside of the tourist spots of Cancun, Veracruz, Acapulco .. etc), is an unsafe area to travel and has little to offer. This is not the case, however. The many diverse ecosystems of Mexico lay outside the tourist hotspots, many in small remote areas. If tourism is going to play a part in the economy of these areas, thus giving the locals incentives to keep the land pristine, people must first of all, know where these places are. That's the first step in conservation, and thats what we can do.

All destinations that we travel to are outlined on an animated map throughout the film. They will also all be placed in this website for others pleasure.