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Why Mexico?

Mexico is a biodiversity hotspot! It ranks 5th in the world as far as countries with the most species. It ranks first in the total number of reptiles, cacti, and pines. Its home to more than 1,000 bird species, 640 reptiles, 450 mammals, 330 amphibians and more insects than you could probably ever count.

This biodiversity stems from its location between North and South America. It was only recently that these two continents came into contact with each other. Before that the two land masses had millions of years to evolve entirely different creatures. Now that the two areas are merged animals are traveling between the two. Yet, because many are restricted to tropical locations, their migration ends in Mexico, thus, adding to the number of species present.

Mexico is our closest neighbor to the south. This biodiversity can be easily witnessed. However, this scenario has a few problems. According to INEGI Mexico has a deforestation rate of 1.2 million acres per year, one of worst in the world! Plus, of the INEGI Environmental Review, Mexico has 242 species in danger of extinction, 435 considered threatened, 244 considered rare and 84 subject to special protection.

Because of this diversity and because of the threats, we have chosen Mexico to make our expedition; to document the diversity, to examine the potential for travel, and to show others that environmentally friendly exploration to these areas can not only be personally rewarding but a valuable way to help save the remaining ecosystems.