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Bird Identification
(of the 16 birds found on the UH campus)

Learning to identify organisms by their species is a step towards wisdom (as Socrates once said). There are 16 birds that frequent the campus of the University of Hawaii, and are common throughout Honolulu. The common ones like the Myna birds and the zebra doves, may not be that unusual to an observer, but stop for a second and watch their behaviors. The Zebra doves have elaborate mating rituals where the males are constantly trying to woe the females. The Myna birds are some of the smartest birds. Watch them. They almost always travel in pairs and communicate to each other. The rarer birds you may not have seen. Take a look at the birds on the left tab of this page and see which ones you've seen. Learn about their behaviors as you read the descriptions and then try to find them yourself. Half the fun is the personal discovery of species you've never consciously seen before!

Common Myna Zebra Dove Red-Crested Cardinal

All Photos by Kim Bridges.

All Red TEXT comments by Lindsay Cooper.

Common Myna
Zebra Dove
Rock Dove
Red Vented Bul bul
Java Sparrow
House Sparrow
Pacific Golden Plover
Red-Crested Cardinal
Spotted Dove
White Tern
Northern Red Cardinal
House Finch
Common Waxbill
Shama Thrush
Japanese White-eye